•  Spring sponge is free of calcium carbonate (the substance that damages the sponge within several months and gives an unreal hardness).
  •  Basic and auxiliary materials for the manufacture of spring sponges in accordance with the applicable international standards.
  • Al Rabie Company has a distinguished team for designing mattresses according to the body's conditions, and in multiple forms that increase its comfort and sense of well-being.Al Rabie Company owns machines and equipment that produce different types of sponges, as well as programmed cutting machines that work with customized engineering designs.
  • With the availability of several different densities of ordinary sponges with (memory) sponge and the presence of advanced machines, and skilled hands, it has become possible to form sponges with several densities andnest them without adhesives, which provides a greater scope for the use of spring sponges in other fields such as: Equipping the gyms, making molds for keeping and packaging any product, and using it as a muffler wall in the recording halls.
  • Also, by using this technology, mattresses can be manufactured that simulate special requirements for patients suffering from back and spine pain by knowing the areas that need high rigidity and others that need flexibility, as well as adapting the mattress to the required movements and the necessary ventilation.Also we have flame proof foam on demand
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